What is American Friends of Fundación Cardioinfantil-IC?

American Friends of FCI is a non-profit organization dedicated to giving new life to underserved children with congenital heart defects. Through its support of the Fundación Cardioinfantil Hospital (FCI) in Bogota-Colombia, American Friends funds annual health brigades led by a comprehensive team of FCI surgeons and medical professionals.

In these missions, our team diagnoses children with cardiovascular conditions and ultimately brings them to Bogota to receive highly complex, life-saving surgery.

Our continuous dedication to improving FCI’s infrastructure, technology, research, and education allow us as an organization to provide the best integrative care and save the lives of as many children as possible living with heart ailments in underserved areas of Latin America.


Ricardo Gutierrez
Carlos Antonio Espinosa
Carlos Alejandro Perez
Jack Leslie
Julián Iragorri
Juan Esteban Orduz
Santiago Cabrera
Ana Hughes-Freund
Juan Fernando Fonseca
Adriana Santos
Mireya Cisneros
Emil Infante

Juliana B. Cala

Hospital Universitario Fundación Cardioinfantil-Instituto de Cardiología

Non-profit private institution established in 1973

Bogotá – Colombia

The FCI-IC mainly aimed at the care of children with cardiovascular problems. Given the magnitude of cardiovascular problems in other groups, in October 1993 the INSTITUTE OF CARDIOLOGY was created, extending cardiological care to patients of all ages and expanding its portfolio of services to 51 medical-surgical specialties to provide comprehensive care to all patients.

It is a fourth-level clinical complex (consist of very highly specialized referral units which together provide an environment for multi-specialty clinical services, innovation and research), with more than 78,000 square meters and 53 medical-surgical specialties.

The Foundation receives approximately one million visitors per year, providing monthly attention to an average of 1,100 inpatients, 117,900 urgent consultations, 9,500 specialized outpatient visits, nearly 12,000 diagnostic exams, 9,520 surgeries (of which 1,212 correspond to cardiac surgeries) and 151 transplants.

It is one of the most important fourth-level medical complexes in the country and in Latin America. Since 2012 the Cardiovascular Tower was opened, and it is exclusive for cardiovascular patients. It has 64 additional hospital beds (16 of coronary intensive care and 48 of hospital care).


350 Beds
15 Pediatric Cardiovascular Intensive Care Units
10 Surgery Rooms

Human Ressources

533 Doctors
1019 Nurses
1200 Support Members


1100 Pacient
117900 Urgent Consultations


9520 Surgeries
151 Transplants

Certifications and Awards of the FCI-IC

2018 Premio de Oro a la Excelencia International

Premio de Oro a la Excelencia International Hospital Federation Awards por la Responsabilidad Social Empresarial octubre 2018

2018 Mejores hospitales en Latinoamérica

Puesto 5 Ranking "Mejores hospitales en Latinoamérica 2018" Revista América Economía.

2017 Reacreditación Internacional

Reacreditación Internacional “Joint Commission International”

2017 - Puesto 6 Ranking "Mejores hospitales en Latinoamérica 2017" Revista América Economía.

2015 - Hospital Universitario (Diciembre)

2011 - Acreditación del Sistema de Gestión de Calidad Institucional

2010 - Premio Portafolio

2010 - Acreditación en salud – ICONTEC

2008 - Premio Superbrands -Marcas de Excelencia en Colombia

2008 - Premio Internacional para la Investigación en Salud “Juan Jacobo Muñoz” Premio Superbrands – Marcas de Excelencia en Colombia

2005 - Premio Internacional para la Investigación en Salud “Juan Jacobo Muñoz” Premio Superbrands – Marcas de Excelencia en Colombia

2004 - Nominación Premio Portafolio -Aportes a la comunidad 2004 y 2005

2004 - Premio Internacional para la Investigación en Salud “Juan Jacobo Muñoz” Premio Superbrands – Marcas de Excelencia en Colombia

2004 - Certificación Gestión de Calidad ISO 9001 – 2000 -diciembre 2004: Línea Cardiología 19 servicios certificados.